We are a professional international educational institution and we give access to academic and professional migration to Germany for the best of all health sector from all over the world.

We surely promise to offer young professionals and specialists from different countries to gain successful career in Germany

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Your registration through this page serves us the first step in your application to the nursings and doctors program. After that we will get in touch with you directly to foolow up your application. Usually we respond to you within 48 hours.


After you register, we will request some paperwork from you, such as a résumé and a professional degree, to confirm your education. After that, we will invite you to a roundtable discussion with other nurses and a 20-minute individual interview. Normally, the complete evaluation and selection procedure takes one week, however it may extend to three weeks if some required documents are not present.


German classes are the first in the nursing curriculum. Your classes will be scheduled in your home country in accordance with your free time. For a work visa, the German embassy requires a B1 proficiency minimum. In order to familiarize yourself with German culture before you visit, you will also take part in cultural activities. In addition, we will get you ready for the hospital interview in Germany. The interviews are done online due of the contingency. You will be assisted by our consultant during the interview to translate. Throughout the first 4 to 8 weeks, you will have your first interview with a German hospital.

Working Contract

Your permanent employment contract will be sent to you once you have passed the hospital interview in Germany. You receive a full explanation of every clause in the contract from us, and if you agree, you sign it. Direct signatures on the contract are made with the German hospital. Your contract will typically arrive 6–12 weeks after you first begin the program.

Arriving Following

We can set up your appointment at the German embassy to receive your work visa once you have signed the contract with the hospital in Germany achieved a B1 proficiency level in German filed all the required paperwork for degree recognition. You will be accompanied by our advisor the entire time. Following that, we will arrange for your arrival in Germany. Your travel to Germany, lodging arrangements, and formal registrations at your new residence are all planned. From the time you sign your job contract with a German hospital, it typically takes 12 months (but occasionally it can take 15 months) to migrate to Germany.


Our Community Manager will meet you at the airport when you land in Germany and drive you to your new home. The Community Manager will assist you with settling in to your new room after you have reached your new residence. The Community Manager will always be there for you during the first few days after your arrival. You will not have to take care of all the required administrative procedures and registrations by yourself. A guided tour of the city, if possible, will give you the chance to learn more about and become more familiar with your new home city. Before you begin working, the hospital will also have Arrival Days. Here, you will get the opportunity to meet your coworkers and get to know your workplace for the first time. Courses for preparing for language and knowledge tests will commence soon after you start working at the hospital. You will be in constant communication with the Community Manager during the recognition process and until you receive your professional certificate. You can get in touch with him/her whenever you have questions. Typically, the complete recognition procedure lasts 6 to 8 months. If you don't succeed the first time, it could take up to 13 months to get recognized.

Your achievement is our priority, this is why we go the extra mile for your satisfaction.

Kindly recommend us to friends and colleagues if you are satisfied with our service.

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Benefit from great working conditions

Working conditions in Germany are very good and the technology in most hospitals is state of the art. In addition, you can benefit from competitive salary, working hours of 40 hours per week and an extensive insurance cover. In many hospitals, collective bargaining agreements guarantee paid vacation of 30 days per year. guarantee paid vacation of 30 days per year. 

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Germany – Home of various choices

From cities to villages, from mountains to valleys, from land to seas, Germany has a lot of choices. Visit various places like lakes, beautiful forests, caves and castles. Germany is a land of culture and has open room for other cultures.




You have further questions?

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Dream Languages And Adult Literacy


Your-way.travel, is a professional international placement agency in Germany, partnered with top hospitals. Your-way.travel has focused on the process of professional nurses and doctors who want to work in Germany. Your-way.travel has established partnerships with top hospitals in Germany that offer permanent employment contracts.

Germany is a cosmopolitan country with a high standard of living, good working conditions, and opportunities for international employees. Germany offers cultural diversity, political stability, a high standard of living, good working conditions and many opportunities for personal and professional development.
Due to the shortage of qualified workers, especially in the field of health, Germany has opened its labor market. We offer a working free health system, high payment, social security for example in case of unemployment, children-friendly with child support money. and childcare institutions. After you went into pension you will get a good pension.

Pros of Living in Germany:
* Solid social system with unemployment insurance, health insurance and pension
* Germans have great environmental consciousness
* Free school for your kids
* Affordable tuition fees for universities
* Stable supply of energy, internet, food
* Low crime rates
* Eye-pleasing landscapes and geography
* Good and quick roads and affordable trains to travel
* High job security and great work ethic
* Being in the middle of Europe is very advantageous if you have the wanderlust
* Discipline, German rules, and order
* Health insurance
* Variety of activities
Cons of Living in Germany:
* High taxation
* Language barrier
* Housing is expensive in big cities
* High administrative effort
* In Winter, Less sun and lower temperatures

In Germany, collective bargaining agreements apply in hospitals. The amounts may vary depending on the region and your degree.

* Nurses with diploma start from 3,300 €

* Doctors from 6,000 € Please know that the costs for living are much higher in Germany than in your country!

You need a University degree in nursing and doctoring with a diploma and a professional degree.

In addition, for the program at Your-way.travel, you need to have enough time for German classes and participation in cultural and administrative workshops.

Please click here to download a list of required document for Nurses.

Below is the list for other professions. 

At the beginning

* High school diploma, Grades for the high school diploma.

* Other school degrees, university with grades(transcript).

*Detailed description of your education because later it will be compared to the German curriculum of your profession, here is an example for nurses .

*Copy of passport.

*Copy of birth certificate.

* Copy of driver’s license.

* Proof of internships.

* Motivation letter (CV) as a word document, click here to use our app to create a professional CV.

* Result of test www.16personalities.com in personal type, for example INFJ-A, we need this information to draw a more concrete picture about you.

* Video with self-introduction in German, please you can follow this (click)introduction document , also see example (click)self-introduction .

* Profile picture with a smile and a plain light background in working clothes and if possible working surroundings.

After passing B1

*Video with self-introduction in German.

*Please do this test (click here), complete this document and send both the results of the test and the filled document to this email: [email protected].

after passing B2

*Proof of B2 by Goethe.
*Vaccination card with vaccines approved in the EU, click here for more information.

*Passport photos.

Before leaving for Germany

*A certificate of good conduct by Interpol younger than three (3) month.

You only need a measles vaccination.

However, there are other vaccinations that are recommended for working in the medical field like:

  * Tetanus

  * Diphtheria

  * Whooping cough

  * Haemophilus

  * Influenza type b (Hib)

  * Polio

  * Hepatitis B

  * Pneumococcus

  * Meningococcal C

  * Mumps

  * Rubella (MMR)

  * Chickenpox

How to search for training and jobs offers on the main German official job Plattform.

Please go to this link (arbeitsagentur.de)  or click here  and follow these instruction for more information.

This page is in German, if you wish search in English. you can use the translation function of
your browser ( example here chrome )- Please do NOT use the change of language in the red
line, this will NOT lead you to job offers !

To start the search, enter the name of your job in search inputs found in the search bar.

For example, for

      * nurse enter Pflegefachkraft,

      * midwife enter Hebamme,

      * doctor enter Arzt

Click on the job you want and you will find all the information about this job.

For more details click on this link.

If you like the job offer, please send us the link for example
We will then get in contact with the institution and send your documents

For nurses: In general, the professions of geriatric nurse, paediatric nurse and nurse have been combined into the nursing profession for the past two years. So with your recognition you can work in all of these professions.

The work is very different, most of the employees are needed in nursing homes, which is where you can get a job quickest.

What does work in a nursing home look like ? nursing home

What does work in the hospital look like ? hospitals

Please let us know which areas apply to you.

It will take a minimum 12 months with final exam included.
While you are learning German, we will prepare your application documents, organize your interviews with employers in Germany and take care of all administrative tasks.
After receiving your work visa, we will plan your trip to Germany. In total, you can assume that the program coming to Germany will take about one year.

Go to www.your-way.travel , log in with your email address on our system, that is [email protected] ( for example [email protected] and password   Alleswirdgut123! ).

Check for your profession on the left side, for example  Nursing Specialist , you will see your name ( last name is abbreviated ).

Click on Details and have a look. Please tell us how you like it and what we can make better.

There will be physical classes at our language training Center and online for those outside Kampala also at different daytimes. You will complete level B1.2, which is necessary to receive a work visa. For recognition in Germany, you will need level B2.2 ( doctors C1 ), which we will then prepare you for in Germany.

You will need 6 hours weekly with the option of having more hours for intensive classes. Plus 5 hours for homework weekly.

In total, the weekly time commitment is approximately 11 hours per week.

* German Volkshochschule offers you self-learning programs for every language level.

* Goethe Institut offer free language training

* A lot of other offers on Make it in Germany

* For more hints about Learning German read this document

Your-way.travel is the bridge between you and your potential employers in Germany.

We accompany you on your way from the first step in your home country until the recognition test of your diploma in Germany, which will take up to 12 months after your arrival in Germany.

In addition to German courses and preparation for job interviews, we also prepare you for your new life with intercultural workshops and take care of all necessary bureaucratic and administrative tasks.

Your task is to invest time. On average, you will need about 15 hours per week, mainly to learn the German language.

No, you do not have to do any further training or studies. In order to be accepted into our program, you must fulfill certain requirements. With these prerequisites, your education is eligible for recognition in Germany.
We will actively support you in this process so that you can successfully pass the exam.

The language course takes place 3 Times a week.

Your future employer will find you your first apartment. This is usually either an apartment in the hospital’s dormitory or another apartment near the hospital. Often you will live there together with other candidates or German nurses in a shared apartment.

You will have to pay the rent, utilities and deposit from your German salary. You are usually allowed to stay in this apartment until you are recognized as a nursing specialist. After that you have to look for an apartment yourself. If you find your own apartment earlier, you may of course move earlier.

Yes, we will pick you up at the airport, provide you with a first apartment and make sure that you settle in Germany quickly. We also actively support you with all official registrations like Registration office and foreigners Authority , compulsory insurances, bank account, SIM-card and with the registration of your degree in Germany.

You can invite your people at least half a year after starting your work here. The requirements are;

1) Your passport.

2) A residence permit.

3) A German House Rent agreement with enough space for the people you invite, Your flat area should be sufficient to accommodate guests. The definition is that for each person 12 square meters. So if you have 2 guests + 2 hosts. It should be 48 m2.
4) Last 6 months‘ Salary slips to prove that you can sponsor their visit. Additionally, you can carry Steuerbescheid from your last year’s income tax return.
5) Bank statements for the last 6 months.
In special cases they might require:
6) To check your SCHUFA(a system in Germany to check your debt statuary).
7) German work contract.